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Oldham Author Wins Special Recognition Award For Book And Community Work

Moinul Islam

The author of children's book Anisha's Adventures, Moinul Islam has won the prestigious Channel S Award at their 2013 award ceremony.

The Channel S Award celebrates the achievements of people in the Bangladeshi British community. Every year hundreds of nominations are put forward for this prize, however in 2003 it was Moinul who scooped it for his first book Anisha's Adventures in Bangladesh, which is inspired by his own daughter.

"We all strive to be worthy of recognition for the work we do. Its an overwhelming feeling to be recognised above hundreds of others and for me it was like a sign of approval that I am doing what I do at a very high standard."

The book tells the story of Anisha and her magical pony Chloe who go on an adventure around the country of Bangladesh, discovering its rich history and vibrant culture. The book has been applauded for exposing children to different cultures and lifestyles in a way that can be enjoyed by any children from anywhere in the world.

"The story looks at the wonderful relationship Anisha shares with her family, friends and her love for her pets. Anisha's characteristics is what we see in all children. So the common connection through Anisha's story across the world would be that it really doesn't matter where children live in the world or thier cultural differences, they all enjoy doing the same things."

As well as being an author, Moinul is the founder of two community organisations 'Outta Skool' and 'Grange Kabaddi Group' which are both run by volunteers and provide dance and sports activities to his home town Oldham and the rest of the North West. He is also currently working on the only heritage project that aims to revive and conserve lost village games, by bringing Kabaddi to GCSE P.E.

The award ceremony was attended by celebrity guests and politicians and was aired live on Channel S, one of the most popular Asian Channels.

Moinul is currently working on a number of other books in the series.

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