Outta Skool

Outta Skool has developed a complete prevention and support programme to support members of community who are already diagnosed with Diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes through obesity. The programme was supported by the NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group on their Dragon’s Den Initiative. The organisation currently work’s with over 20 local GP surgeries and The Oldham Diabetic Centre who refer their patients on to this 12 week programme.

Each patient is placed on this 12 week programme which is tailored to the needs of the individual. During the 12 weeks the patient does workshops in Introduction to Diabetes, Nutrition and Diet and healthy cooking alongside free access to the gym and over 15 different fitness classes (Zumba, Boxercise, swimming, Yoga etc.) per week as well as having a personal mentor. The patients are weighed and BP checked every two weeks. Outta Skool pledged to inspire 100 patients last year and this year they have pledged to work with a minimum 200 patients. The programme has already had a huge impact on over 150 patients who have already completed the programme and are maintaining a healthier lifestyle through the activities the organisation offers at the end of the programme.



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